Powerful O-level success stories

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O-Level Private Candidate Success Story #1

He dropped out of Secondary school at Secondary 3 and finished NS

With no formal certificates, is his dream of becoming a pilot just wishful thinking?

I was on my way for lunch when I saw a familiar face. He was sitting at a quiet corner at a table with his laptop flashing PowerPoints of his engineering maths lecture notes, and tutorial notes scattered across the table. “Janson,” I called out to him. With a bright smile, he grinned at me. I asked how he was coping and he replied that he was doing well in his 2nd semester of the Common Engineering program at Nanyang Polytechnic.

Great. He seems to be continuing on the right path and working towards his goal. I thought. Why?

In 2015, Janson came to INSPIRE and enrolled as a full-time student. He was an enthusiastic learner and stuck an A4 size colour print out of a fighter jet on the wall next to his seat in the classroom. He told his friends that he dreams of being a pilot, people thought that it is not a realistic goal.


Like everyone else, he struggled with all subjects and especially mathematics. He had a thirst for knowledge and would spend hours staying back late or browsing through other reference assessment books. He also borrowed a guide on “How to Study” in order to learn study skills. True enough, when the results were released in 2016 January, through his hard work he managed A1 for science and passes for another 3 other subjects. In 2016, he retook Mathematics as he gave up on the subject in the mid-year 2015 to prioritize his time on other subjects as he had difficulty with this subject since his foundation was rather weak. In 2017 with his full O levels certificate, he qualified for Common Engineering program in Nanyang Polytechnic.

Is he on his way to becoming a pilot? He has taken baby steps. Through the Common Engineering program, he can later choose Aeronautical Engineering, a related field. Who knows, with his focus he can get there, sooner or later. I actually have a friend, who went to ITE, Polytechnic and then NUS, and is a current Singapore Airlines pilot.

<<There is a difference between a DREAM and a PLAN. Make a feasible plan with our help>>

– Ms Chew – Centre Director

O-Level Private Candidate Success Story #2

From NT stream to getting 3As and 1B

Wang Qiang Inspire Education Centre StudentWang Qiang was formerly in NT stream. When he came to us to take O levels, he had already finished his National Service and was holding only an N level certificate. He aspired to get into polytechnic and was worried that he was not able to achieve O levels since he had not studied for the last two years due to National Service. He was also concerned with bridging the gap between NT syllabus and O level syllabus.

Despite staying far away in Woodlands, Wang Qiang was always on time for class and showed great determination to stick to his goal. INSPIRE was able to guide him through the syllabus content in 8 months. Together with Wang Qiang’s own efforts at completing the necessary homework and own self-revision at home, he scored 2As for his prelims at INSPIRE. He was rewarded two Universal Studio tickets for his hard work. Unsurprisingly, he scored 3As and1B for his final GCE O level grades.

What Wang Qiang’s case showed is that if one makes an effort consistently on a daily basis to revise and review the day’s homework and content, one will be rewarded with good results.

<<Consistent effort rewards in the end!>>   

– Ms Chew – Centre Director

O-Level Private Candidate Success Story #3

He struggled to pass O levels for 2 years and finally did so at INSPIRE. Now he is a Graduate from the University of Sunderland

Success StoryJust this year, I received a surprising phone call and visit from my ex-student (2010) Li Pei. He told me that he just got married to his wife whom he met in UK while he was an undergraduate at University of Sunderland for his degree course in Tourism and Hospitality Management. I gave him my heart-felt congratulations and I was so proud of him of his success in life. Furthermore, he said he found a job as a manager after graduation and now works at a spanking office in Suntec City Tower. I was filled with pride and satisfaction that he had come so far in life.

Prior to coming to INSPIRE he had studied at another private school for O levels for two years but only achieved a single subject pass. While in class at Inspire, he struggled through periods of frustration with himself and stress over the exams as he really wanted to pass his O levels. He even broke a pencil in class dramatically as he was so stressed as he feared that he would still fail. His parents also pressurised him. Through the stressful period, and with the support of friends and teachers here, he managed to complete and pass his O levels. He finally got into a recognized private diploma program.

As I reminisced with him about the good old days he had at INSPIRE, he said to me that he really appreciated our patience and encouragement, even though he felt he was a slower learner than the rest, being one question behind others. He really appreciated our advice on how to be disciplined in studies and that was how he managed to juggle both working part-time and studying in order to complete his studies up till university.

This is an example of how a student has been nurtured at INSPIRE. He remembers his teachers as his mentors after all these years.

<<Remember – Fear of failure can be a powerful motivating force>>

– Ms Chew – Centre Director

How is INSPIRE the RIGHT CHOICE for your private O-levels?

  • Our teachers are compassionate, as they have struggled themselves

We as teachers of INSPIRE have experienced poor grades while in school at times or faced rejection by our own school teachers and against the odds, by our own efforts come to realize that failure is an opportunity for learning and success. There is no other way to go but up.

  • We recognize each student as an individual. We don’t judge based on your past track record

Students often find themselves labelled as outcasts in school, all because of their NA or NT stream. At INSPIRE, our students find a sense of belonging in a small group setting within an atmosphere of acceptance. We are all working towards the goal of achieving O Level passes.

  • We accelerate your learning in the shortest time frame with tips and tricks

By finding your individual best learning style, you will find YOUR OWN KEY to your own unique way of learning for success. For example, you may need to stand up during class or draw on the board in order to retain knowledge better if you are a kinesthetic learner.

Teachers observe your learning behavior daily and give you inputs and feedback on how you can learn best