Course subject change policy

Student Contract: Terms and Conditions Clause 10

1) All Course Subject Change applications have to be completed by submitting a hard copy of the Course Subject Change form.

2) All Course Subject Change forms have to be signed by the Student and/or Parents / Guardians (for Students below 21-years-old).

3) Submit the Course Subject Change Form at least ONE calendar month prior to the effective change date which is only on every 8th of the month. If an application is delivered to the Centre during a Centre holiday it will be deemed received by the Centre on the first day in the session following the holiday.

Example of Effective Change Date Due Date for Form Submission
8 March 2024 7 February 2024

4) Subsequent instalment payments may be waived or adjusted only if the Course Subject Change request is made at least ONE calendar month before the next instalment is due.

5) The student / parents / guardians will be informed of approval/rejection within 4 calendar weeks from the date the Course Subject Change application is received.

6) Upon approval, the student / parents / guardians will be served a letter confirming Course Subject Change. Upon approval, the Student is given an Addendum to the current Student Contract, which is to be signed by Student and/or Parents / Guardians.

7) If no official notice of a student’s Course Subject Change approval is received by the student/parents/guardians, the current course fee remains unchanged.

8) A Course Subject Change Administrative Fee will be imposed for Course Subject Changes. 

9) There is no pro-ration discount for previous Course Fees paid. Any refund is to be referred to the Refund Table in Schedule D. 

10) Students may be eligible for new Subject classes prior to the effective change date. In such an event, Additional Lesson Fees applies.