Student admissions

Step 1: Attend an online course preview.

How do I receive the invitation to the online course preview on Google Meet?

  • Whatsapp us.
  • Download the course prospectus.
  • Submit an online inquiry.

What will I learn from the online course preview?

  • Our consultant will inform you about key information like the course duration, timetable and subjects offered.
  • You will also hear testimonials from our past year students about their experience with the course.
  • There will also be a Q&A at the end when you can raise your questions to the consultant.

What do I do after the course preview?

  • Please inform us about the subject cominbation you wish to take in the course, in order to receive a detailed breakdown of the relevant course fees.
  • After reviewing the course fees, and you wish to proceed with enrolment, we will email you the details for course application. Eg. Required documents and the application form.
  • You will send us your completed course application digitally via email, including a scanned copy of your documents in PDF.
  • After receiving your application form, it will be sent for approval.
  • While waiting for your application to be shortlisted/approved, we will arrange for a pre-course counselling appointment at the Centre.


Step 2: Attend a 1-hour Pre-Course Counselling session at Centre (parent and student)

What do I need to bring for the Pre-Course Counselling session?

  • Bring the student’s original copies of relevant certificates and personal documents (as outlined in the email on how to proceed with your course application)
  • Prepare for payment using PayNow / digital banking

What will I do at the Pre-Course Counselling session?

You will be briefed on:

  • Course information
  • Fees and instalment scheme
  • Intakes, duration, and admission requirements
  • English Language proficiency requirement
  • PEI-Student Contract terms and conditions
  • Student Handbook

How do I complete my application?

You can complete your application by:

  • Signing the Advisory Note
  • Signing the Acknowledgement of late entry (if applicable)
  • Paying the Course Application Fee (non-refundable)
  • Signing the PEI-Student Contract
  • Signing other forms: MOE approval application forms, video-photography consent form
  • Complete the pre-course counselling survey

What documents will I receive if my application is approved?

You will receive:

  • a Letter of Offer from INSPIRE to state that they are eligible to enrol for the course.
  • a copy of the PEI-Student Contract and course schedule.


Step 3: Complete your matriculation and starting your course

  • You will be contacted prior to course commencement about your first day of the course.
  • You need to make any outstanding Course Fee payment before commencement of the course.
  • You need to bring down any outstanding documents.
  • You must complete the matriculation process within 3 working days of the course commencement.