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INSPIRE Chinese Tuition

Boost your Chinese grades with our effective and bilingual Chinese Tutors
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Our students have scored

A1 for O Level Chinese

Distinction for O Level Chinese oral

AL1 for PSLE Chinese

Merit for PSLE Higher Chinese

Powerful Chinese tuition success stories

– From D7 to Distinction in Oral, e-Oral practice helped. [Read]

– No longer leaving blanks for Comprehension! [Read]

– Successfully plugged the gaps for PSLE Composition. [Read]

Our Satisfied Students

Ong Si Ying

Before: D7 (Sec 3 Higher Chinese)
After: A1 (O Level)

(2022 Inspire Alumna)


Ian Ho

“My tutor made it easy for me to understand difficult comprehension questions in Paper 2. I was pleasantly surprised at my improvement.”

Before: C6 (Sec 4 Higher Chinese Prelim)
After: B3 (O Level Higher Chinese)

2021 Victoria School

Kayla Ho

“My teacher was kind and understanding. She helped me to improve my Composition and e-Oral. We made many notes which helped in my revision.”

Before: AL3 (Pri 5 Chinese) | Pass (Pri 5 Higher Chinese)
After: AL1 (PSLE Chinese) | Merit (PSLE Higher Chinese)

2023 Tao Nan School

Our Effective and Friendly Bilingual Teachers

Mr Eujin Lim, Chinese language specialist

(Singapore university of Social Sciences – Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature / Certificate in Teaching Methodology, Southern Cross University)

Mr Lim has over 10 years of teaching experience and has mentored students at INSPIRE since 2014. He attributes his good command of the Chinese language from being an alumnus of Ai Tong Primary School and Chinese High School.

Mr Lim has a positive aura about him as he speaks in an encouraging manner. His students enjoy his classes as they often end up laughing during lessons as he comes up with very engaging examples to help them remember. He is very flexible and is able to “come down” to the level of students and hold their attention in an interesting manner in order to help them lift up their grades and increase their interest in the Chinese subject. Mr Lim is effectively bilingual in Chinese and English.


Ms Claribel Chong, Chinese language specialist

(National University of Singapore undergraduate majoring in Chinese Studies)

Ms Chong has over two years of experience teaching Chinese to Primary and Secondary school students at Inspire. She was a scholar under the Chinese Language Elective Scholarship at Dunman High School. Her confidence and strong foundation in Chinese language also stems from taking these subjects at A levels — H2 Chinese Language and Literature and H2 Translation (Chinese). She is effectively bilingual in Chinese and English.

Ms Chong’s strong command of both English and Chinese language helps her to reach out to her students in an effective way. Her students become more interested in the Chinese language and gain competency in the fundamentals of their mother tongue. As a Gen Z tutor who started teaching amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, she is also experienced in conducting classes online and face-to-face classes. Students under her will benefit from her carefully structured notes and her patience in clarifying doubts. Ms Chong gives effective tips to improve students’ language score in their essays thus improving their Chinese Paper 1 grades. Under her encouragement many students have improved by leaps and bounds.


Ms Lee, Chinese language specialist

(Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences, University of Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom))

Ms Lee has a strong foundation in Chinese language, having studied in Malaysia, and her secondary school and JC in Singapore, obtaining A1 for O Level Chinese with Distinction in Oral, and an A grade for A Level H1 Chinese and Distinction in Oral. She is effectively bilingual in Chinese and English. Ms Chong loves to help young students in primary school develop a love and interest for the Chinese language. Her friendly and gentle approach to Chinese tuition, makes her approachable to her students.


INSPIRE’s Chinese tuition

6 reasons why INSPIRE is the best choice for students who need Chinese tuition

16 years of experience nurturing students since 2007

Bilingual teachers proficient in both Chinese and English

Small conducive class size

Oral and Reading Practice

Learn useful phrases to boost your grades in Chinese Composition

Master Comprehension skills to answer all types of questions

How are Chinese tuition classes conducted?

e-Oral Videos

Bilingual teachers proficient in both Chinese and English

Reading online news

Notes on commonly tested topics

Recognise and revise “must-know” vocabulary in the syllabus

Practice different composition types

How INSPIRE’s Chinese tuition compares

with other Chinese tuition


INSPIRE Other Chinese tuition
Class size 3-8 8-16
Assessments Twice – mid-year & final exam Twice – mid-year & final exam
Fee Payment Monthly Termly (10 weeks)
Chinese tutors Local bilingual in English & Chinese Native speaker
Good phrases notes
Advanced and non-standard ‘good’ phrases Commonly used ‘good’ phrases
Composition writing
Write original compositions with guidance Write by copying and memorising
Comprehension answering
Practice comprehensions with guidance on answering open ended questions Practice comprehensions

Powerful Chinese tuition success stories

From D7 to Distinction in Oral, e-Oral practice was the key.

Si Ying (2022 Inspire alumna) always felt that she was strong in Chinese, however she was discouraged that she was unable to perform well for her Higher Chinese exams in school, obtaining only D7 for Higher Chinese in Secondary 3. She came to Inspire, and after merely 9 months of coaching, she was able to achieve A1 for O Level Chinese and a distinction in Oral. She practised a lot for the important e-Oral component and the useful, thematic notes provided by her tutor really helped her.

No longer leaving blanks for Comprehension!

Ian (2021, Victoria School) always had a habit of leaving the last three questions for comprehension empty because he could not think of anything to write for these open-ended questions. He was always stumped by such questions as they required real-life examples and not simply quotations from the passage. After identifying this weakness, his teacher consistently guided him through answering such tough questions and he finally found the confidence to start answering them. That really made the difference for him as his grade improved from C6 (Sec 4 Higher Chinese Prelim) to B3 (O Level Higher Chinese).

Successully plugging the gaps for PSLE Composition

Kayla (2023, Tao Nan School) had been struggling to improve her composition. She has tried using common good phrases recommended by her school teachers and guide books, with only some limited success. Her breakthrough came when INSPIRE’s Chinese tutor gently guided her to plug the gaps in her composition so that the narration of the sequence of events is smooth. She learnt how to describe the facial expressions of the various characters as well as their tone of voice. Instead of merely commonly used good phrases, she also learnt more advanced vocabulary. Finally she was able to “show,” and not “tell” the story in a more effective manner. Kayla was able to improve from AL3 (Pri 5 Chinese) to AL1 (PSLE Chinese) and from Pass to Merit for Higher Chinese.

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  • Nearest MRT: Paya Lebar, Eunos, Dakota
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Directions to our centre:

– From East Coast Road
Walk into Roxy Square 1 shopping centre next to Katong Plaza. Take the escalators located outside to reach the 2nd floor. Keep walking straight until you see a large staircase on your right, we are located next to the staircase.

– From Marine Parade Road / Parkway Parade:
Walk into Roxy Square 2 shopping centre next to Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel. Take the first escalator you see on your right to the 2nd floor. Turn left and keep walking straight until you find a small staircase on the right that connects to Roxy Square 1. Continue walking straight, we are located on the left row next to a large staircase.

Map of Roxy Square 1 (2023)