2016 O Level Course Student: Ching Er – Before (5 subjects score) 26 | After 19 (raw score)

🙂 I am one step closer to fulfilling my dream. (of being an Early Childhood educator). Thank you for helping me in my humanities. I actually improved from D7 to B3!

~ Ching Er

2016 O Level Course Student: Zhaoxing – Before (5 subjects score) 19 | After 13

Thanks to INSPIRE, I improved my grades tremendously. I am elated that I can now go into my dream course in Polytechnic! 🙂

~ Zhaoxing
(Previously Zhaoxing had very limited options for Polytechnic as he did not pass 1 required subject. However after retaking, he is eligible for many more courses, including his ideal course.)

2015 O Level Maths / Additional Maths Tuition Class – ALL achieved A!

Congratulations to all. Mr Ho (Maths/Additional Maths tutor) is so proud of all of you.

2015 O Level Combined Humanities Tuition Class – ALL achieved A!

Congratulations to all. Mr Ho (SS/History tutor) and Ms Ming Eng (Geography) are so proud of all of you.

2014 O Level Full-time Student: Sharifah – Before (5 subjects score) 25 | After 17

I couldn’t go to Polytechnic but now I can 🙂

~ Sharifah

2014 A Level full time preparatory course: Parent of Jonathan

Just to say thank you and your team for helping Jonathan achieve such results…considering that he spent only 10-11 months, you all must have done a splendid job!

Update: 17 April 2015 – Jonathan has obtained a place in NUS (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)

Special mention to students who took tuition at our centre and achieved their best grades.

2014 General Paper Tuition Class – 100{bf495629e4a7049b3fb4e3fce5e65a9fc090038eb5b3dbdbd80553ab0edac8a9} Obtained B

Congratulations to all graduates – 100{bf495629e4a7049b3fb4e3fce5e65a9fc090038eb5b3dbdbd80553ab0edac8a9} obtained B in General Paper. Kudos to GP tutor Mr Ho.

2014 A Levels Most Improved Student
Congratulations to G.Wei for most improved grades in multiple subjects:
H1 Economics – B, General Paper – B, Physics – B (from U and S grades)

2014 A Levels (Private Candidate) Adeline

Inspire Education Centre provides useful notes and essays that are greatly useful for my revision. The feedback I received from the tutors also helped my revision for Literature.

Before Tuition: B  After Tuition: A
– Adeline has obtained a place in NUS (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)

2014 A Levels (Private Candidate) Parent of Nicholas

Nicholas got a C for his Lit. Thank  you very much for your guidance.

Before Tuition: U  After Tuition: C

Parent of Aaron Yeo (Singapore)

Level: GCE O Level

I would like to thank you and Aaron’s teachers for your dedication to assist Aaron for the full year of 2012. Aaron has certainly tried hard and with the support of his teachers , I am  pleased that he has achieved  3 Bs and a C. Thank you once again.

~ Parent of Aaron Yeo

Student: Aldwin Jasper Sayo (Philippines)
Level: Secondary 1

I would like to thank Inspire Education Centre for helping my son Aldwin Jasper pass the AEIS exam.

~ Parent of Aldwin Jasper Sayo

Student: Yuan Kun (China)

Level: Primary 6

Caring teachers; a warm family-like environment;Takes good care of students.

Student: Nellamae Antopina (Philippines)
Level: GCE A Level

From this short period of time, I have learnt a lot and the centre has helped me build up the knowledge I needed for my A levels.

Student: Namira (Singapore, Republic Polytechnic)

Level: GCE O Level
Subject: English, Before Tuition: D7 / After Tuition: A2

Student: He Jia Pan (China)
Level: GCE O Level

I want to thank Mr Ho for teaching me last year. I had a big improvement in my grades in the O level exams. At Inspire Education Centre, I learnt a lot that I had not learnt before. I sincerely thank Inspire for helping me to progress, so that I can further my education.

Student: Qu Gang (China)
Level: GCE O Level

I am Qu Gang from Da-lian, China. I attended English lessons at Inspire Education Centre from February to October 2008. Initially, my standard of English was not very good. However, after months of guidance and coaching, I improved. Apart from learning grammar and vocabulary, I was taught oral, composition and comprehension skills. I was not used to learning English in English at first. But after a while, I think I learnt English faster this way.

Through the teacher’s encouragement as well as my determination and diligence, I scored C6 for my English and have successfully enrolled into a course of my choice in Singapore Polytechnic.

Student: Li Jihong (China)
Level: GCE O Level

My name is Li Jihong and I am from Shenyang, China. I came to Singapore in September 2006 to prepare for my GCE O Level examination. My English grade for the examination in October 2007 was C6 and now, I am studying in Singapore Polytechnic.

Frankly, I did not think I could pass my English without Mr. Ho’s help. Though he only taught me for about half a year, his unique and effective teaching methods of developing my writing skills greatly benefited me. He often encouraged students to present in English after giving us certain composition topics to discuss in small groups.

After listening to the feedback from other classmates, Mr. Ho would advise us how to improve our content as well as sharpen our organisation and analytical skills. He is responsible and can be demanding. He meticulously corrected our every error in our scripts. Then during his break, he would explain the mistakes to us individually and patiently advice us how to avoid making such errors in future. He is a wonderful teacher.

Student: Liu Tianyu (China)
Level: O Level

I am Liu Tianyu from Jilin province, China. Mr. Ho taught me English from February – October 2007. He is a kind and helpful teacher who tries to help students to do better in their studies. His humorous teaching style and funny stories helped students remember difficult ideas about language and make such boring information vividly memorable. He is professional as he always prepares his teaching materials for every lesson. My English was not very good at first but with his help, I scored a C5 for my O level English.

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