H2 Mathematics Specialist

(The University of Oklahoma – Master of Science – Electrical Engineering)

MR YONG has over 20 years of experience lecturing and tutoring. He has taught students from RI, RGS, HCI, TJC, DHS, etc. He is always ready to help whenever his students need assistance with problematic physics/mathematics tutorial questions from their JCs or they need to clarify their concepts. Mr. Yong does not over complicate mathematics but simplifies it. He tries to build up students’ conceptual fundamentals first before approaching more challenging sums.


MR YONG is also the author of “Getting to Grips with Maths Formulas” a Mathematics guidebook published by Pearson Education (Longman) Limited

H2 Mathematics Before E | After B

“Even though it’s not an A, but your tips really improved my math from just passing at prelims to B at A levels. Mr. Yong, you’ve been very helpful with my H2 math. I don’t understand some things; I come to class and I understand them from you. I really hope more students will be inspired by you.”

– Jian Hui


“There are many good teachers, a few great teachers, and one or two life-changing teachers. I am fortunate and thankful that I have encountered a life-changing teacher in the form of Mr. Yong.”

– Gallen

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