O level Mathematics Specialist

(Certificate in Teaching Methodology, Southern Cross University, Diploma from Nanyang Polytechnic and A levels from Catholic JC)

Mr. Lim has 11 years of teaching experience. He has motivated hundreds of students who faced problems excelling in mathematics and science and inspired them to score well in their critical final exams.

Mr. Lim has mentored students at INSPIRE since 2014 and has taught at various tuition centers, private schools and was a trainer for mathematics enrichment programs at various primary schools. He is an alumnus of Ai Tong Primary School and Chinese High School.

Mr. Lim has a positive aura about him as he speaks in an encouraging manner. His students love his classes as he makes them very interesting. They are often laughing during his class as he comes up with very engaging examples that help them remember. He is very flexible and is able to ‘come down’ to the level of students and engage them in an interesting manner in order to help them lift up their grades and increase their interest in the subject.


Thank you, Mr. Lim, for all the help and always pushing me on. Thank you for not giving up on me throughout the O level course.

– Jun Xian

13 points – Maths A1 | Science A2


I enjoyed Mr. Lim’s lessons as he communicated in a manner which made it easier for me to approach him. Thank you for helping me to understand my subjects better.

– Pye


Maths and Science – B

O Level Mathematics Before D7 | After A1

– Benjamin Lim


Sec 2 Mathematics Before F9 | After A1

“Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.”

– Emiline, Parent of Kenneth


Sec 1 Mathematics Before 50% | After 85%

– Wei Xing

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