Congratulations to all students who got their A level results today.

Special mention to students who took tuition at our centre and achieved their best grades.

Case Study:

~ Guan Zhong – (Accepted into Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine -NTU, Imperial College London)
A Level H2 Literature
Before Tuition: C
After Tuition: A

A LEVEL- As for H2 Chem / Physics / Literature / Mathematics
O LEVEL: As in All Subjects
PSLE: See YouTube testimony

Thanks Mr Ho for being such an awesome teacher that makes lessons fun!”

~ Harini – A Level H2 History, Before Tuition: D / After Tuition: A

Thank you so much. You made History so much more manageable and the studying tips really saved me.”

~ Hannah – Bs for H2 Management of Business / H1 General Paper

~ Sim Lim – Private Candidate (Accepted into Singapore Management University)
Before tuition: C D S / B (GP)
After tuition: B (H2 Literature) C (H2 Maths), C (Management of Business), A (H1 GP)

“The tutors here are dedicated and driven, and I really benefited from their efforts. They gave me everything I needed and more, in terms of materials and attention, and I’m grateful to them for it.”




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