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Dear Parent or Student

You may have come to this page because you need help
“Getting a Grip on H2 Maths”.

This is a crucial period of the year for JC mid-year exams and revision, especially for those taking A levels. Some JC students may be panicking or overwhelmed because they have so many ‘heavy’ subjects to revise through and do not know where to start. Even those who started revising, may not know the scope that they need to revise, or need guidance.

Let me take H2 Maths out of the equation of stress for you.

I am Mr Casey Yong, author of Getting to Grips with Maths Formulas published by Pearson Education (Longman). I have over 20 years of experience teaching Maths and Physics. 

3 Weeks of Intensive Revision Workshops for Students to Revise and Refresh themselves with the various Requirements of H2 Maths.

I have specially formulated a series of daily intensive 2-hr revision workshops over 3 weeks starting Monday 5 June 2017 to give JC students a good understanding of key concepts that are critical in their H2 Mathematics revision.

How Does This Work?

The benefits of committing to this daily revision program is 3 – fold:
1) Kick start H2 Maths revision process
2) Inculcate discipline in Mathematics thought and practice
3) Nurture and increase stamina to focus on Mathematics for 2 hours per day.

This revision workshop is for students who:

– Are stressed out about the looming exams;
– Have forgotten much of what was taught;
– Need a way to systematically revise all topics;
– Need discipline to commit a time to sit down and practice; and
– Needing clarification of key Maths concepts.

This revision series isn’t for students who are:

– Already consistently practicing and achieving desired results; or
– Looking for a miracle to happen and presuming last minute studying will help

Getting a Grip on H2 Maths (Revision Workshops)
Suitable for JC 1 and JC 2

Schedule of Sessions– 9.30am – 11.30am MON – FRI from June 5 – 23, 2017.
Additional Guided Practice Session- 12.30 – 2.30pm MON – FRI same period.

Week Lesson Date Day Topics Covered
1 1 5/6/2017 Monday Functions :Tests of valid One to One, Inverse  & Composite Functions (including their domain & range)
2 6/6/2017 Tuesday Inequalities:  number line and graphical method modulus
3 7/6/2017 Wednesday Graph Sketching : various  graphs (ellipses and hyperbolas), modulus , inverse, square
4 8/6/2017 Thursday Sequence, AP, & GP, Summation, Convergence, Method of Difference
5 9/6/2017 Friday Binomial expansion, Differentiation, Differential Equations
2 6 12/6/2017 Monday Maclaurins, small angle approximation
7 13/6/2017 Tuesday Integration, area and volume
8 14/6/2017 Wednesday Vector I, ratio theorem, dot and cross product, equation of lines
9 15/6/2017 Thursday Vector II, planes, distance and relations between points, lines, and planes
10 16/6/2017 Friday Complex number I, algebraic manipulations, conjugate.
3 11 19/6/2017 Monday Complex number II, argand diagram, solving polynomials of complex variables
12 20/6/2017 Tuesday P & C and probability
13 21/6/2017 Wednesday Statistics: DRV, Binomial Distribution, CRV, Normal Distribution, Expected Values, Variance, and Standard Deviation
14 22/6/2017 Thursday Statistics II: Sampling, Unbias Estimates, Hypothesis Testing
15 23/6/2017 Friday PMCC, Regression, extrapolation, quality of estimates.


Terms and Conditions
– No cancellations and refunds once course commenced.
– Minimum booking 2 sessions @ $300.
Early bird discount – Enjoy 10{bf495629e4a7049b3fb4e3fce5e65a9fc090038eb5b3dbdbd80553ab0edac8a9} discount when you sign up before 1 June!
Call 63453147 for more details or to sign up


1) Will I be able to achieve ‘A’ grade after the workshop?

To be realistic, getting ‘A’ for Maths is something that requires consistent practice and familiarity with common and uncommon question types. These workshops do not presume to get you an A, but to kick start your revision process and to inculcate discipline and nurture your stamina to work on your mathematics focus for 2 hours per day.

2) Is the 2-hour workshop sufficient practice?

No it isn’t. The 2 hour session will give students an overview of the topic/s. Students who wish to do more practice can join the additional 2-hour practice session in the afternoon (12.30-2.30pm) which comes immediately after the morning session.

3) I cannot make it for 1 of the days but I really need to revise that particular topic?

Simply book 1-1 session with me with our coordinator Ms Chew and she will coordinate the timing for you during the June holiday.

4) I booked the workshop but I realised that I am going to miss the session. Can the session be made up?

Make up can be arranged but you may need to top up to a 1-1 rate if a group session cannot be arranged.

5) I need regular classes after this with Mr Yong as I need more practice. How do I join in the regular class?

As Mr Yong’s schedule is limited, so we strongly encourage you to join in his regular H2 Maths class on Sundays. JC2 9 – 11am and JC1 11am – 1pm.

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