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Proven Track Record

  • 70% of our graduates move on to post secondary education (local polytechnics, private diploma programs or higher nitec courses)

  • Close to 40% enter local polytechnics

Our graduates have entered …

  • Singapore Polytechnic

  • Nanyang Polytechnic

  • Temasek Polytechnic

  • Republic Polytechnic

  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic

  • Yishun Junior College

Read Two Students’ O level Success Stories


Before (5 subjects score) 19 | After 13

Thanks to INSPIRE, I improved my grades tremendously. I am elated that I can now go into my dream course in Polytechnic! 🙂

~ Zhaoxing (Now in Ngee Ann Polytechnic)

Before (5 subjects score) 26 | After 19 (raw score)

🙂 I am one step closer to fulfilling my dream.

~ Ching Er  (Now in Temasek Polytechnic)

Before – Did not complete secondary school | Entered Nanyang Polytechnic

Congratulations to Janson for achieving A1 in Science and achieving his goal of entering Polytechnic.

Congratulations Top Scorer of 3As and a B (2014 cohort)

Congratulations to our top scorer – Wang Qiang (first time O level taker – previously from NT) for scoring 3 As and a B.

Before (5 subject score) 25 | After 17

I couldn’t go to Polytechnic but now I can 🙂 ~ Sharifah (now in Temasek Polytechnic)

Congratulations for Successful Entry to local Polytechnics (2013 cohort) 

Congratulations to our students who successfully entered Polytechnics:
James – Singapore Polytechnic
ZhiJian- Temasek Polytechnic
Isaiah – Nanyang Polytechnic
Jian Li – Republic Polytechnic

Congratulations Top Scorer of 4As (2012 cohort) 

Congratulations to our top scorer – Arpana for scoring 4 As.

Congratulations to Adrianna –  she successfully entered Yishun Junior College science stream.

“Thank You” from Parent of Aaron Yeo 

I would like to thank you and Aaron’s teachers for your dedication to assist Aaron for the full year of 2012. Aaron has certainly tried hard and with the support of his teachers , I am  pleased that he has achieved  3 Bs and a C. Thank you once again.

Course Information
The GCE Ordinary Level (GCE O Level) examination is an internationally recognised examination set by the Ministry of Education, Singapore and University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, United Kingdom. The results scored for this examination is often used by students to gain entry to various colleges and institutions of higher learning in many countries.

Students enrolled for this course will take the examination as a private candidate.

Depending on whether the student wants to enter polytechnic or junior college, students need to do 5 or 6 subjects respectively.

The average teacher-student ratio is 1:9, to make learning effective. Students here are given quality attention by teachers due to the small group size.

1) Course duration
Course duration: Jan 14 to Nov 17, 2019
Ongoing intake
Full-time: 5 hours x 5 days x 10 months. Total contact hours: 600h.
Part-time: 2 hours x 2 days x 10 months. Total contact hours: 160h. (Part-time day classes are available. Please call for the schedule)
Year Calendar

2) Course entry requirement(s)
• Completed 8 years of formal education or middle school / lower secondary education.
• At least 15 years old on Jan 1st of the year of examination.
• English language requirement of a pass in Lower Secondary English (in student’s respective school) or IELTS 4.5 or equivalent or pass INSPIRE’s internal English entry test.

3) Course learning outcome(s)
Students will be introduced or learn about the content of selected subjects according to the syllabi set by Ministry of Education in preparation for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Levels examinations in October – November.

4) Modules:
Students have a choice of the following possible subject combination choices. The approval of a student’s subject combination is at the sole discretion of the Centre.
Module synopsis available here.

Core Subjects
English (EL) & Mathematics (M)
Additional Mathematics (AM) (optional)
Arts & Humanities Subjects Business Subjects
Social Studies (SS)
History Elective (H)/Geography Elective (G)
Literature (L)
Principles of Accounts (P)


^ Other subjects (e.g. Mother Tongue, Geography, Science  Theory / Practical) may be registered for the examination.

Subjects/Course Fees &
Miscellaneous Fees
4 Subjects
(Any 4 Subjects- EL, M, AM, SS/H/G, L)
Course Fees in SGD (payable in 5 instalments*)
Course Fee 6480
Material Fee 400
Sub-Total 6880
Miscellaneous Fees#
Application Fee 300
**Medical Insurance Fee Refer to insurer
External examination fees are payable to:
Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB)
– GCE O Levels Examination Fee
Please refer to www.seab.gov.sg
Seab Examination Appeal Fee Please refer to www.seab.gov.sg
End of Year Mother Tongue Examination Registration /
Mid Year Mother Tongue Appeal Admin Processing Fee
Change of Subject Administrative Processing Fee 70
Refund Administrative Processing Fee 70
Tuition Fee Late Payment Fee 100

#Miscellaneous fees refers to any non-compulsory and non-standard fees which the students will pay only when necessary or applicable, when the need arises.
*Course fees are payable in instalments. Please ask your course counsellor for the instalment payment schedule.

Please call our hotline at 96710563 to inquire about the course fees, other subject combinations/ single subject fees and part-time day classes.

5) Examination and/or other assessment period

Internal Assessments: English and Mathematics Placement Tests (first day) and written tests and prelim exams in September
External Examination: The Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination in October – November.

6) Expected examination results release date
Results are released usually in January the following year of the examination.

7) Course Completion
Students must attain a minimum of 75% attendance to complete the course.

Compare INSPIRE with other O level private schools

Criteria INSPIRE Other private schools
 Class size  9  16-35
 Term Breaks  No term break  Mar / Jun / Sep Holidays
 Assessments  Min of 3 topical tests
&  final prelim
 Twice – mid year & final prelim
 Meet the parents session  Yes  Yes
 Progress reports  4  2
 Min. no. of subjects to enrol in course  2  3
 Fee Payments  5 instalments  2 instalments or 1 lump sum payment
 Refund policy in case of withdrawal
within 2 weeks before course commences
 90%  25 – 50%
 Refund policy in case of withdrawal
within the 1st week of school
 80%  5 – 30%
 Council for Private Education (CPE) Registered  Yes Yes
 NS deferment (if eligible)  Yes  Yes
 Transitlink Concession Card  Yes  Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to this guide on how to register as an O level private candidate

1. Is it necessary to prepare for the GCE O level examinations?
Yes. As students will have to take a number of subjects and undertake the examinations, it is crucial adequate preparation is done before the actual examination. Local students in secondary schools usually take 2 years (Secondary 3 and 4) to complete the GCE O level course syllabus, and this course is completed within 1 year, so it is very intensive.

2. Who accredits the GCE O level examination?
It is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Singapore and University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. You may visit the website www.seab.gov.sg to find out more.

3. When is the O level examination?
The examination lasts for a few months. The non-written component of the various subjects like oral and practical occurs from July to October. The written components of the subjects take place from September to November.

4. When must I register for the O level examination?
Students are required to register for the O level examination by March the same year they will be taking their examination.

5. Where is the examination held?
As you will be registered as a private candidate, the Ministry of Education will usually arrange for you to sit your examination at an examination near your education centre or home. Details of the actual venue will be provided nearer the date of the examination.

6. How many subjects must I take during the O level examination?
Students who are eligible and intend to study in a junior college must take 6 subjects. Otherwise, taking 5 subjects will suffice for polytechnic entry in Singapore.

7. Who can sit for the GCE O level examination?
You must be at least aged 15 as of January 1st of the year you are sitting for the examination.

8. Why should I take the O level examination?
As the GCE O level is an internationally recognized examination, the results you get can be used to enter most colleges or pre-university institutions. Students who have completed the O level examination in Singapore have a variety of options. They may further their studies at a junior college, polytechnic, institute of education or enter a pre-university institution. After studying in Singapore for several years, foreign students may be given an option of being a Permanent Resident of Singapore. In other words, doing well in the O level examination is a stepping stone for you to a brighter future.

9. How will I know my results?
The results of the O level examination will be released about 2 months after the entire examination is over. The Ministry of Education will usually announce the actual date of release a few days in advance. The date of release will be reported in the news. In addition, students will also be informed of their results via mail to their Singapore residence.

10. What should I do after my O level examination?
This depends on the results you get for the examination. You will have more options of what kind of education you wish to pursue if you do well. Our staff will be present to advise students on their options they have after they have received their results.

To qualify for enrolment into a junior college, a student must be at least 16 years old and not more than 19 years old. If a student is older than the age allowed, they should enroll into a polytechnic or institute of technical education after getting their O level results.

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