Private Education Act

With the introduction of the Private Education Act in 2009, the Committee for Private Education (CPE) is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) was established by the Singapore government to regulate and ensure quality private education for students. All Private Education Institutions (PEI) eg. private schools, are required to comply with regulations under the Enhanced Registration Framework. Each PEI is has to maintain high standards of management and establish academic and examination boards ensure a proper education framework. PEIs also provide full disclosure to the regulatory council on a regular basis. This scheme provides a way for better PEIs to achieve higher standards in terms of school management and the educational services provided to students.

Facts for Students

For more information on the PEI and ERF, please refer to

Inspire Education Centre Enhanced Registration Framework Registration Certificate

Inspire Education Centre is registered with the CPE with Registration No. 200723647D  and registration period: 28-06-2016 to 27-06-2020. View certificate here

PEI – Student Contract

Students will sign a PEI- Student Contract with Inspire Education Centre regarding their course. The contract lays out the important terms and conditions of their course with Inspire Education Centre.

A copy of the PEI-Student Contract and Advisory Note in English is available for your reference: PEI-STUDENT CONTRACT AND ADVISORY NOTE

Undertaking not to Collect More Than 2 Months Course Fee

Inspire Education Centre undertakes not to collect more than 2 months course fee for all courses.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy


Cooling Period

1. New students are given a cooling period of 7 working days from the signing of the PEI-Student Contract.
2. A student is able to withdraw from the course with a submission of a written notice within these 7 working days, even if the course commencement date has passed.
3. The student will be entitled to the maximum refund amount as stated in the PEI-Student Contract.
4. After the expiry of the 7-day cooling off period, the following policy will apply for any withdrawal upon receipt of a written notice of cancellation:

% of [the amount of the fees paid under Schedule B and C] of PEI-Student Contract If Student’s written notice of withdrawal is received
100 More than 14 days before the Course Commencement Date
90 Before, but not more than 14 days before the Course Commencement Date
80 After, but not more than 6 days after the Course Commencement Date
0 More than 7 days after the Course Commencement Date

Course Withdrawal, Transfer and Fee Refund

1. All Transfer/Withdrawal applications has to be done in person at the Centre’s registered office at 50 East Coast Road #02-144 Singapore 428769.

2. Submit the Course Transfer/Withdrawal Form minimally ONE calendar month prior to intended withdrawal date. Student under 18 years of age need to obtain parental / guardian approval and signature before submitting the form.

3. Subsequent instalment payments may be waived if withdrawal is made ONE calendar month before the next instalment is due. The last instalment payment is still payable for withdrawal in September and October respectively.

4. Student with any outstanding fees due to INSPIRE will NOT be approved for withdrawals, until all fees are paid in full. If any outstanding fees remain unpaid when a student submits the withdrawal request, Inspire Education Centre will adopt the necessary legal actions to recover the owed amount. Student shall bear all the extra cost incurred during the fee recovering process.

5. Student will be informed of approval/rejection within 4 calendar weeks from the date of Transfer/Withdrawal application is received.

6. Upon approval, student will be served a letter confirming Transfer/Withdrawal. Upon approval, the Student Contract is deemed to be terminated.

7. If no official notice of a student’s Transfer/Withdrawal approval is received by the student, the student is still deemed as active and is liable for the course fee.

8. NS deferment/Transitlink Card for the withdrawn course shall be cancelled within 3 working days upon approval.

9. Any refund of fees from the withdrawn course (according to the refund policy) shall be refunded to the student within 7 working days.

10. For Transfer, student applies for the new course, receives letter of approval and executes PEI-student contract for the new course.

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