Dispute Resolution

A dispute is defined as any valid negative feedback or complaint received through written letter, email, phone call or through online feedback form.

Students, parents and guardians are open to share their legitimate concerns and appropriate action will be taken. All feedback must be conveyed through the Feedback and Complaint Form (downloadable from here or obtainable from the Reception) in order for the Centre to resolve the matter.

All feedback or grievances will be addressed with the parties involved; INSPIRE’s staff and management will usually attempt to resolve any issues amicably within 1 day.

All complaints and grievances cases will be considered closed if either of the parties involved are no longer in the school unless either party is away for medical or personal reasons informed in writing in advance. Otherwise, all written feedback or complaints will resolved within 21 working days.

Dispute Resolution Procedure

Step 1 – Complainant to complete the Feedback & Complaint Form and submit to INSPIRE.

Step 2 – INSPIRE’s Management Team to resolve the complaint with complainant within 24 hours. Proceed to Step 3 if dispute is unable to be resolved.

Step 3 – INSPIRE’s Management Team to review the dispute again and proposed actions to resolve within 20 days. If complainant is not satisfied with actions taken by INSPIRE, proceed to Step 4.

Step 4  – Student approach the SMC, SIArb or Small Claims Tribunal for mediation.

Step 5 – Records for dispute resolution will be kept by INSPIRE.

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