Inspire Education Centre

Why Choose Us?

  • Established in 2007, Inspire Education Centre was registered with MOE in 2008 and was awarded CaseTrust for Education accreditation in the same year. Since 2011, Inspire Education Centre is awarded with the Enhanced Registration Framework Registration Certificate (Registration No. 200723647D  and registration period: 28-06-2016 to 27-06-2020) by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) which is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) was established by the Singapore government to regulate and ensure quality private education for students.
  • Inspire Education Centre provides various courses for students which leads them to gain widely recognised certificates like the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) and Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level).
  • We are your trusted service provider for high quality courses.
  • We provide short courses for students who need help with their subjects with topical subject enrichment tuition for Primary, Lower Secondary, GCE ‘O’ Levels and GCE ‘A’ Levels.
  • Our experienced teachers specialise in helping English second language learners fulfill their dreams of studying in Singapore and overseas.

Welcome Message

Dear Parents

We have 11 years of experience nurturing struggling students

Our teachers have personally nurtured struggling students to achieve success year after year since 2007 gaining entry into higher learning opportunities. Whether you are a school drop out, from NT or NA background or O level re-taker, you can get into Polytechnic or University. All of us have the same goal of helping these youth achieve success.


High success rate for progression to further education

Our students have achieved established university degrees or polytechnic diplomas after passing through our doors for private candidate O levels or A levels. Our students are able to make up for lost time with our intensive 10 months programs, with a guided and structured curriculum.


Building up your child for positive outcomes
We build emotional and mental resilience in in your child as well as character and discipline. Our teachers feel that these aspects as important besides academics.


How can your child benefit from our courses? Is his / her life better after joining Inspire?


Your child …
Copes better with stress and anxiety;
Gains self – confidence via learning about individual strengths and weaknesses;
Feels accepted through close friendships and non-judgemental teachers;
Studies more independently;
Builds a closer relationship with you through handling tough times and stress;
– Learns about your perspective;
– Learns more about real world issues; and
– Gets close support from teachers until their actual exams.


Our Mission & Vision


Inspiring Youth – INSPIRE exists to inspire our students towards excellence and maximize their potential.


To provide quality pre-tertiary education to our students through:

  • Qualified Teachers – Selection of teachers (through Academic selection and Interview), and performance (delivery, feedback and appraisal).
  • Structured Curriculum – Delivery of curriculum and learning outcomes and results.
  • Academic improvement – Helping students achieve improvements academically.

Our Core Values
Since its inception, INSPIRE has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define the character of our Centre. They guide how we behave and make decisions.

  1. Imagination – We inquire with an open mind. We imagine a brighter future for ourselves and people around us and seek to enrich the lives of those people around us. We care for each other, respect people as individuals, listen with understanding.
  2. Excellence – We strive to be the best that we can be.
  3. Courage to Change We have the courage to receive truthful feedback from others, and change where change is required, bettering ourselves.


Our Culture

Culture is a set of shared beliefs and assumptions to moves us towards our goals and governs our behaviour towards ourselves and towards our students, parents/guardians and other stakeholders.

Our Centre’s motto is “transforming minds, inspiring excellence”.

It is our belief that understanding and applying knowledge empowers the mind towards excellence in all areas of one’s life.

With this in mind, we are committed to:

  • I – Imparting knowledge.
  • E – Empowering individuals to self-improvement and make responsible decisions.
  • C – Cultivating good habits


Academic Excellence

Our courses are mainly designed with the Ministry of Education’s syllabus in mind. Our teachers are approved by an  Academic Board which ensures that they are qualified to teach the respective subjects. See our Teacher Deployment Chart here. The Academic Board also ensures the academic quality and rigor of our courses are up to standard. Our centre’s Examination Board oversees the development of examination and assessment procedures for our centre’s internal examinations.

At Inspire Education Centre, students will be mentored, tutored and motivated to perform better academically. We have qualified teachers and staff who are capable of delivering quality educational programs as well as providing excellent student services.

Apart from the usual tutorials and practices, our experienced teachers will equip students with the academic skills to excel (like memory skills, organization and analytical skills etc). Our teachers have carefully developed tutorials to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of each student. They will be advised on the common pitfalls and how to develop better academic skills so that they can improve.

For our preparatory classes, the maximum teacher to student ratio is 1:9 so that every student has sufficient attention from our teachers.


Our Centre’s Premises

Our education centre is conveniently located at 50, East Coast Road, Roxy Square (Opposite Parkway Parade and beside Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel)
#02-144: Main office and two classrooms.
Classroom 1 (RS2A)- Capacity for 7 students (Floor area 10.28 sq.m),
Classroom 2 (RS2B) – Capacity for 9 students (Floor area 14.33 sq.m)


Our Business Practices

Students and parents can be assured that Inspire Education Centre has good business practices in place and that all transactions will be conducted with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

We have clear policies in place which outlines:

1) The terms and conditions for refund of course fees.
2) Our privacy policy for the handling of personal information
3) Our feedback policy detailing the steps for student feedback and grievance resolution.


Our Management Team



You are most welcome to approach the staff of your Centre if you have any queries or concerns, we will do our utmost to assist you. Should you need assistance, please contact us at 96710563 or email us at


Yours sincerely,

Mr. Andre Ho,

Principal and Manager

Inspire Education Centre

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